Never give up

Never give up on your dream.

Sounds easy,right? Except things are never easy when you’re fighting for something so important&so defining in your life.

your dream is not just pursue or just follow, it’s so much more than just some fancy word. your dream could be the purpose of your existence, your highest mountain, your accomplishment, your degree, your pass, it could be anything pushing you forwards.

In a sentence, it might be the driving force within you, that little voice that keeps on telling you after you feel you just want to let go, just sit aside and accept what you have on your plate, stick to the safe choice, after you’ve beaten yourself over a missed opportunity: Just try harder, just give it ONE MORE SHOT.

Each time the voice gets lower and lower, it could be because things haven’t changed for a while for you but no, listen to this inner voice . Because it is there in your mind for a reason my friend.

Never give up on your dream or in other words, Never let go of your dream no matter what.


I dedicate this post to my good friend Tamara, she’s making her steps towards her dream.

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if u can dream


Hello there!

First I would like to thank you for stopping by whoever you are.

A special dedication for people who encouraged me to blog, you know who you are 😉

The short version of the reason behind being here: I always felt I’m picking photos, quotes, poems and sometimes articles then saving them. From time to time, i would play them on my PC and especially the ones on my phone. But I only shared this with some close people.

It’s like I always felt I’m storing this to share it one day, make something out of it. Until I reached a point where I asked myself: Why am I keeping this? I’m not saying that this Blog is everything i want or ever want to express, but in a way it is one way to share a collection of things& views.

I’m a strong believer in finding inspiration everywhere; it could be a dress, a song or simply a natural scene…

So here’s a couple of things of my own inspiration, hope it will inspire you in a way.

Gold shoesOlivia PalermoRed dress

Audrey Hepburn

Paris Emil Anton