Never give up

Never give up on your dream.

Sounds easy,right? Except things are never easy when you’re fighting for something so important&so defining in your life.

your dream is not just pursue or just follow, it’s so much more than just some fancy word. your dream could be the purpose of your existence, your highest mountain, your accomplishment, your degree, your pass, it could be anything pushing you forwards.

In a sentence, it might be the driving force within you, that little voice that keeps on telling you after you feel you just want to let go, just sit aside and accept what you have on your plate, stick to the safe choice, after you’ve beaten yourself over a missed opportunity: Just try harder, just give it ONE MORE SHOT.

Each time the voice gets lower and lower, it could be because things haven’t changed for a while for you but no, listen to this inner voice . Because it is there in your mind for a reason my friend.

Never give up on your dream or in other words, Never let go of your dream no matter what.


I dedicate this post to my good friend Tamara, she’s making her steps towards her dream.

bed bedroom dream                                          dream everyday                             dream job                                                                                           dream girl dreams cme true                                                 dreams dn work                                dreams_inspiration_photograph_words_quotes-ff142143318797ff65c53b3702cc8f11_h_large                                                             in my dreams keep on dreamin                                                                   let ur dreams take over live their dreams                                                                      peaceful moments

if u can dream


2 thoughts on “Never give up

  1. What I have learned from personal experience is that your intention really matters. Let’s say you are afraid to do something that you want and even if you think your work or skill at that that particular point is not your best, you are nothing without trying. If you have the chance do it, the worst that will happen is you will get rejected. If you are rejected, just keep going. lol

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